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Pro Construct Roofing offers high quality roofs and a fair price!


A roof is more than just a commodity – it’s a reliable shelter for your family that can last for years to come.

From minor repairs to complete installation, trust Pro Construct to take care of ALL your roofing needs.

With superior quality roofing materials and a solid warranty, you will sleep well knowing the most important part of your home was built to keep you and your family safe.

Wind, hail, or heavy rainfall can result in a damaged roof that may be in need of repairs or total replacement. If your not sure how much damage has occurred, leave it to the experts.

We have highly trained individuals who can assess your roof and provide a detailed report of what type of services your roof needs to be in tip top shape. But don’t wait until its too late … Safety first!

You should consider installing a new roof if you notice:

  • Sagging or Irregular Shingles
  • Asphalt Granules in your Gutter
  • Cracked, Curled or Misshapen Shingles
  • Evidences of Leaks or Moisture



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